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    In the most recent issue of SEN Leader Magazine, we asked SENCos about their experiences amid the current crisis in mental health and young people.  23% of over 200 schools complained that they have difficulties accessing support for their pupils with mental health needs.

    With 850,000 children aged 5 to16 with mental health problems, and three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health disorder, this is a problem for all schools. Learn more about this issue and find support and guidance with SEN Leader Magazine.

    The current issue covers:

    • Mental health: Looking at what schools have identified as their top concerns
    • Learning to lead: Working on your management skills and understanding the extensive impact of successful leadership.
    • Pathalogical demand avoidance: Learn more about this recently recognised condition and the appropriate strategies and approaches.
    • The impact of Pupil Premium funding: Gain essential and effective use of Pupil Premium and how this closes the attainment gap.
    • Girls with ADHD: Understand the possible reason that the number of diagnosed boys outnumbers girls by four to one, and the support you can provide.
    • And much, much more!

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