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  • In the most recent issue of SEN Leader Magazine, we asked SENCos about their experiences amid the current crisis in mental health and young people. 23% of over 200 schools complained that they have difficulties accessing support for their pupils with mental health needs.

    With 850,000 children aged 5 to 16 with mental health problems, and three children in every classroom having a diagnosable mental health disorder, this is a problem for all schools. Learn more about this issue and find support and guidance with SEN Leader Magazine.

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  • To give you an idea of how SEN Leader Magazine can help you, take a look at the topics covered in the latest issue. Many of the articles are accompanied by template documents to help you put what you learn straight into practice. Each article has been written by an expert author with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

    • Special topic - Steps to success: the six essential steps to ensure SEN pupils have a sucessful transition to secondary school
    • Quality first teaching: what is it and why is it receiving so much attention?
    • Managing emotions: helping children cope with confusing feelings
    • Mental health in our schools: managing an increasing number of referrals in a stretched system
    • Preparing for inspection: what can SENCos do and what is the expectation?
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